State proposal would clear some juvenile arrest records

May 28, 2014

State lawmakers are advancing a plan that could automatically clear the arrest records of some juveniles.  

Juveniles can already get their arrest records expunged for minor crimes if they haven’t been taken to court. But Illinois lawmakers want to make it automatic when they turn 18. The law would apply to those who haven’t gotten in further trouble.

Chicago Democrat Art Turner says arrest records can disqualify young people looking for a job or college scholarship.

"This is something that really just results in being a barrier and is an impediment in trying to be a productive part of society. And the courts and all of the arresting parties at this point have taken a stance that there’s no need to move forward with this juvenile and this issue as it pertains to their arrest."

Some Republicans in the House of Representatives also voted for the plan - saying this issue can still coincide with so-called ‘tough on crime’ stances that tend to be popular with politicians.