State seeks public input on multi-year road, bridge plan

Sep 16, 2013

The state’s next transportation plan through 2020 is open for public input. The multi-modal plan was on display and open to the public Monday at the I-Dot District 4 office. Maureen Addis is a program development engineer with I-DOT.  She says it’s important for the public to weigh-in on future road and bridge projects:

 “This meeting helps us set our priorities on how to fund and where to fund it.  And given that our funding right now is very tight, it looks like large budget but we have 1,600 miles of road and nearly 700 bridges, there’s a lot to take care of,” Addis says.

 She says the Eastern Bypass, Chillicothe viaduct and bridge improvements are among the top local requests for continued funding. I-DOT officials also shared information on the state’s first Bicycle Transportation Plan.  People can submit comments and project specific ideas to I-DOT by October 16th.

 Link to Multi Year Plan 

 Link to Public Comment Section