State Senator says Quinn has the information to block plan for PCB’s

Jul 23, 2014

State Senator Chapin Rose says Governor Pat Quinn should already have the required information to block a plan to store PCB’s at the Clinton Landfill. The Republican from Mahomet is referring to Tuesday’s letter from the Illinois EPA to the DeWitt County Board.  

Quinn’s instructed the state EPA to find out that the disposal of toxic substances at the landfill was, in fact, never authorized when the permit was granted to Peoria Disposal in 2002.  A number of state, federal, and local officials have opposed the PCB proposal because of fears of polluting the Mahomet Aquifer.

Rose says Quinn only needs to refer to the lawsuit filed against the PCB proposal by the WATCH Clinton Landfill citizens group:

“This is the exact subject matter of the lawsuit.  And so that would have been disclosed to Gov. Quinn during the lawsuit that he’s defended these guys on, and for him to now say ‘well I need these records, so I can revoke the permit.’  No, just revoke the permit. You’ve got what you need, if this is what you believe, just revoke it.”

Champaign Democratic Senator Mike Frerichs says it doesn’t matter how long it’s taken to find this solution as long as officials find a way to protect the region’s main source of drinking water.

DeWitt County Board member George Wissmiller says a resolution to block the PCB proposal could be approved by the board within the next couple of weeks.