Steamboat Classic running in mid-June

Mar 14, 2013

Peoria’s first Marathon is scheduled for May. But the 40th annual running of the Steamboat Classic is a month later. The road race that attracts world class runners is Saturday, June 15th.

It’s also is likely the largest community fitness event of the year. That includes the five Spring training programs that begin the first week of April.

Steamboat Classic

Building Steam is the basic adult training program. Scouting Steam and Rising Steam are for kids and their parents or guardians. Boy Scouts can also earn their personal fitness merit badge for participating. And Access Steam helps those with disabilities train and ensures the run is accessible and inclusive for all who want to participate. The training programs are being offered in Peoria, Washington, Morton and Chillicothe.

Offered only in Peoria, team Steam helps experienced runners improve their time with more advanced workouts. More information and registration is available at