Stepping up for the community

Oct 24, 2013

About 150 people turned out for the town hall meeting in Peoria called Stop the Violence, Step Up For Your Community. About a dozen social and public service groups were present. Those in attendance learned how they could take advantage of the programs, or sign-up to volunteer. First District Peoria City Councilwoman Denise Moore hosted the meeting. She asked everyone in attendance to take personal responsibility:

 “To don’t hear what’s being said here and wait for someone else to do it. To go out into your own neighborhood and pick up trash in front of your own house, in front of someone elses house. To take ownership and that is what I think we need to reestablish is that we are responsible for our own future and we are responsible for what happens in our own communities.” 

   Some of the solutions people suggested include getting to know your neighbors and joining neighborhood associations as well as more enforcement of the chronic-nuisance ordinance. Councilwoman Moore says the turnout and conversation has her thinking she will hold similar meetings at regular intervals.