Steven Spielberg gives props to Springfield, literally.

Oct 28, 2013

A piece of Hollywood is coming to Illinois. Director Steven Spielberg is sending props and sets from the movie “Lincoln” to be part of a new exhibit at Springfield’s Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. IPR’s Brian Mackey has more.

 The museum will get two big sets: the Lincoln bedroom, and the cabinet room in which the president — played by Daniel Day-Lewis — argued for passage of a constitutional amendment to abolish slavery.

  “That’s why I’d like to get the 13th Amendment through the House and on its way to ratification by the states. Wrap the whole slavery thing up, forever and aye, as soon as I’m able. Now! End of this month. And I’d like you stand behind me like my cabinet’s most always done."

 Day-Lewis won an Oscar for his portrayal of Lincoln. One of his costumes is among the props that are part of an indefinite loan from Spielberg and his DreamWorks Studios.The items will form a new exhibit in Union Station, a restored train station across the street from the museum itself.

DreamWorks isn’t charging the state anything for the loan, which a museum spokesman expects to last at least five years. Visitors will have to pay $5 to see just the movie stuff, or $3 on top of regular museum admission.