Still too early for IL conceal carry applications

Dec 12, 2013

It's still too early for Illinois gun-owners to apply for concealed carry permits. But they can get some parts of the application process done early.

The Illinois State Police will begin accepting applications on January 5.  A newly launched website helps explain what all that will involve. Follow the website's "Checklist Prior to Applying" link, and a state police spokeswoman says applicants can save time.  The checklist has items like getting a LiveScan electronic fingerprint, and a state digital ID.

But while a press release touting the new website says it's intended to provide a user-friendly portal, the National Rifle Association's Todd Vandermyde says gun-owners have their doubts. Try getting a digital ID? And many common Internet browsers are unsupported.  "So at this point we are having a question as to whether or not this rollout is going to mimic the Obamacare website rollout." The NRA's arguing for a paper submission alternative.