Still waiting for comprehensive budget plan from Rauner

May 5, 2014

The Republican nominee for governor says he wants to roll back Illinois' income tax hike. But he has yet to say much else about how he would handle the resulting budget deficit. IPR'S Amanda Vinicky reports.

Illinois' temporary income tax hike would become permanent if Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has his way.

His opponent, Bruce Rauner, has made clear he's against that, and that he doesn't believe Quinn's threats that a lower tax rate would lead to teacher layoffs and cuts to schools.

"Pat Quinn has used education as a political football, to score political points and try to force the tax hikes," says Rauner.

But Rauner hasn't said how he would fulfill promises of investing more in education and protecting services for senior citizens if Illinois were to give up the tax's billions of dollars in revenue. Rauner says he wants an overhaul of Illinois' tax structure, cuts in state spending, and an improved business climate.

At an event in Springfield in early March, he promised to unveil a plan "in the relatively near future.” Nearly a month later, that still hasn't happened.