Students complete 100-mile challenge

May 15, 2013

An annual event that aims to get District 150 kids healthier culminated in a walk along the riverfront. About 250 primary and middle school students participated in a challenge to walk 100 miles and lift 10-thousand pounds throughout the school year.

Kids were able to complete the goal through various activities like running around the perimeter of their schools or lifting water bottles. Kristin Mullens is a kindergarten teacher at Kellar Primary. Mullens says she used activity time to also teach her students math lessons.

“We do a lot of counting when we’re doing all of our repetitions with our water bottle weights. We do a lot of that. We counted how many steps around the perimeter. We predicted how many, so there’s a lot of math that can be incorporated.”

Students finished their challenge by walking a mile to the Gateway Building along the Riverfront. They received medals for their efforts.