Summit of Hope event in Peoria

Nov 6, 2013

Credit Illinois Department of Corrections
About 800 people on parole and probation were invited to get help from the state Department of Corrections on re-entering society. The state DOC held one of its Summit of Hope events in Peoria Tuesday. The event lets those with convictions find ways to pursue higher education, get a job and become involved in community groups.

Tom Shaer is the Department’s Director of Communications.  He says the event is for parolees at various stages of re-entering the community:

“I can guarantee you that a large number of recent parolees were notified of this event since they came out of prison after the Peoria event last year.  But there are some existing parolees who may not feel they’re making the progress they should make, ‘Well I want a job but I don’t have an apartment, I need a state ID to get those things.  They come here we’ll help them do it.”

Shaer says more than 60 state, education, and employment groups were at the event.  The Peoria Summit of Hope is one of 22 such events being held around the state this year. The next Summit is in Mount Vernon next Tuesday.