A suprising non-endorsement in Governor's Race

Oct 3, 2014

Credit Peoria Public Radio

For the first time ever, a staunchly pro-business group is declining to make an endorsement in the race for Illinois Governor. 

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association says it has concerns about both Democrat Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner. Rob Karr, the Treasurer of IRMA's political action committee says it is unclear how Rauner would accomplish his goals of limiting the growth of government and returning Illinois to prosperity. 

“I think there were concerns on the viability of preserving the payment backlogs for state vendors, such as Medicaid pharmacies, when you’re also proposing significant spending increases.” 

Karr says Rauner has also showed a lack of support for evening the sales tax playing field between Illinois businesses and on-line merchants. IRMA is not pleased with Governor Quinn's support for an increase in the minimum wage and has concerns the state will not continue to control spending. 

The group likes Rauner's passion and dedication to Illinois. It also approves of what Quinn has done in starting to reform workers compensation, lowering the amount of back bills the state owes, and addressing unfunded pension obligations.  On balance, Karr says, there was not enough to tilt the group either way.