Survey says big disconnect between teens and parents on driving laws

Sep 17, 2013

Credit State Farm
A survey conducted by State Farm Insurance finds there is a significant disconnect between teens and parents as to how teens are responding to more restrictive drivers' license laws. So-called Graduated Drivers Licenses restrict night time teen driving and limit the number of passengers young drivers can have when they first get their licenses.

Chris Mullen, Director of Technology Research for the Bloomington based company, says the survey of 500 parents and 500 independent teens finds wide gaps in how young drivers are behaving and how  parents perceive that behavior.

"For night time driving, 69% of parents believe their teen driver almost always follows the restrictions, while only 48% of teens state that they almost always follow. Similarly for passenger restrictions, 70% of parents believe that their teen almost always follows the law, but only 43% of teens says that they almost always follow that restriction."

Among other distinctions found in the survey, most parents think peer pressure is the reason kids don't follow driving laws, while the teens said it was because they didn't think they would get caught. About 65% of parents said they strictly monitor their kids' driving habits, while only 27% of teens said their parents keep a close eye on teen driving.

Mullen says State Farm's research shows Graduated Drivers License laws work, and the survey results indicate there needs to be more household communication about the laws and how kids are responding to them. The online survey was conducted from June 10 to the 28th of this year..