Tazewell County reports damage assessments for local governments

Dec 20, 2013

Credit Alex Rusciano

Communities in Tazewell County have sent in their cost estimates for clean-up following last month’s E-F4 tornado. Officials say the state needs to submit nearly 18-million-dollars in costs for local municipalities to get federal help in paying for recovery. There was some initial concern communities would not meet that guideline. 

Dawn Cook directs the Tazewell County Emergency Management Agency. She says the agency is estimating about 23-million dollars in losses. She says the boost in cost estimates came after officials re-evaluated damage using FEMA guidelines:

“They sent out a field representative that may not have a ton of experience with a tornado event and so we just think they’re interpretation at that time was honestly incorrect.”

Dawn says the state Emergency Management Agency looks at the cost estimates and passes them onto the Governor’s Office. The governor’s office has sent the estimates to the White House for consideration.