Thoughts from the new IL GOP chair

May 19, 2014

The new chairman of the Illinois GOP says Republicans will need to reach outside their party if they want to win the governor’s race.  Tim Schneider has his work cut out for him.

Republicans haven’t won the governor’s mansion in nearly 16 years. They’re the minority in the state’s congressional delegation - and a super-minority in the state legislature.

But  Schneider - who was elected Saturday - says he’s wants to change that with a “big tent” approach.

SCHNEIDER: And that, again, is a tent that includes lower taxes, less wasteful spending - creating this great, booming economy that we think we can provide.

In an interview with WBEZ, Schneider stuck to fiscal policy - and steered clear of any controversial social issues. The Cook County Commissioner says swing voters could play a key role in deciding the governor’s race.

SCHNEIDER: We don’t believe that this election, uh, is going to come down to just getting Republicans out to vote. We believe we’re gonna attract Democrats and independents.

Schneider takes over for Jack Dorgan - a Springfield lobbyist who resigned to join Republican candidate Bruce Rauner’s gubernatorial campaign.