Thousands celebrate Blackhawks in Chicago

Jun 28, 2013

Thousands celebrated the Blackhawks championship Friday at Grant Park.  Some arrived with a group of friends.  But one die-hard fan came alone.  IPR’s Michael Puente reports: 

 Kathy Gormley says today’s celebration worked out perfectly.

 GORMLEY: I’m so happy because Friday is my only day off.

 Gormley says her parents first  got her hooked on the Blackhawks.

   GORMLEY: I can remember them watching TV when I was really little. Bobby Hull and all those guys. I’m aging myself.

 But these new batch of Hawks, are hard to beat. GORMLEY:  Just these games between Boston is probably the best hockey I’ve ever watched on TV. It’s just fantastic.

 Attendance at today’s celebration was expected to top 2 million.