Tips for those flying out of PIA

Dec 23, 2013

Officials at the Peoria International Airport are giving travelers some tips as the holiday travel season kick into high gear. About 30-thousand people are expected to fly in and out of the airport through January 6th.

Airport Director Gene Olson says arriving early to the terminal is the most important tip people can follow.

“If you really know what you’re doing, you could probably afford to get here 60 minutes before your flight. If you haven’t flow in a while, it’s probably a better idea to leave maybe 90 minutes before your flight. That way if something happens then you’ll have time to adjust to whatever happens. Then you can fix whatever your issue is.”

Olson says anyone traveling with gifts should leave them unwrapped as security may require unwrapping any packages prior to boarding. He says travelers should also utilize airline carriers’ websites to confirm flight times and print boarding passes before heading to the airport. Many airlines also provide automatic notification systems via text, email, or voice messaging on scheduling adjustments.