Transit Agency Sues Comptroller

Apr 3, 2017

River Valley Metro bus service serves Kankakee IL

Another lawsuit stemming from the Illinois budget impasse could have a big effect on transit agencies outside the Chicago area.  For two bucks you can ride a River Valley Metro bus from Bourbonnais to Midway Airport.  But Rob Hoffman who runs the Transit District says that service has been reduced and the buses need an upgrade.

"I regularly refer to our equipment as the bus museum. They’re old. They’re outdated. They’re all past the point that they should be replaced."

Hoffman’s agency is suing the comptroller to release $159 million in state funding.  That’s how much River Valley says was earmarked for all downstate mass transit agencies, from June to February.  Judges have ordered most of state government to keep running while there’s been no full state budget for 21 months.