Transportation conference includes Washington recovery lessons

Apr 8, 2014

Communities affected by a natural disaster need to both physically respond and take time to calculate accurate damage estimates. That's according to Washington Engineer Ed Andrews speaking at the I-CAT Transportation Conference in East Peoria. He says state and federal deadlines to submit damage assessments kick-in soon after a disaster:

 “While you may be under initial shock in determination of how you’re going to respond concurrently, you have to put together a credible estimate and be able to prepare and submit that which you can defend. So you;re focus can be on the response so much so that you neglect preparation for reimbursement to that,” Andrews says.  

 More than 1,000 homes in Washington were affected following the November 17th tornado. Andrews says recovering communities also need to have a detailed debris removal plan for public and private properties. That's the main cost cities incur after a tornado or similar natural disasters. More than 500 engineers and other transportation leaders are attending this year’s conference.