Tri-County schools learn about bullying awareness, prevention

Oct 30, 2013

The Center for Prevention of Abuse has visited tri-county schools this month to spread awareness of bullying prevention.  October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  Center officials have worked with teachers to host school assemblies, videos and other activities focused on anti-bullying.  Rachel Boudreau is with the Center for Prevention of Abuse.  She says another top focus is talking to students about cyber-bullying:

 “We are just trying to let them know that everything you post, you may think it’s a joke but really you never know how that other person is going to interpret it.  So cyberbullying is something that, especially the social media that every kid has at their fingertips nowadays, bringing that awareness to the students is the number one concern that we want them to be aware of,”  Boudreau says.

 Boudreau says the goal of the activities is to help students recognize bullying behaviors and report bullying to authorities.