Tuition and housing rates at Millikin to remain the same

For the 2nd year in a row, tuition and housing rates at Millikin University are NOT going up. The small private school in Decatur announced Thursday that full-time undergraduate tuition for the academic year starting in the fall would stay at 27-thousand-8-hundred-52 dollars a year --- the same as this year and the year before. Meanwhile, the average annual housing rate will stay at 5-thousand dollars.

Millikin’s interim president Rich Dunsworth says the school’s decision to hold the line on tuition and housing costs is in line with one of founder James Millikin’s goals that education be accessible. “We don’t know that we’ll always be able to freeze or hold tuition, or even bring it down. But it’s our commitment to never put that on auto-pilot, where every year, tuition goes up x percentage points, just because that’s what’s expected. We don’t want to do that.” Dunsworth says Millikin's tuition rate puts it in the mid-range of private colleges and universities. At the same time he says 99 percent of Millikin students receive some sort of financial aid, including endowed scholarships from private donors.