U of I study: IL is the most critical hub in food distribution network

Jan 5, 2015

Credit http://igpa.uillinois.edu/
A new study found that more of the nation’s food moves through Illinois than any other state. Illinois is the most important link in the country’s food supply chain according to new research from the University of Illinois.

Megan Konar, with the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, found that of the 400 million tons of food that move around the country annually, more than 70 million tons pass through the state.

“We have harbors. We have the Mississippi River on the western side of the state—roads, rail, airports. So we just have very central infrastructure, and we also are in a productive location. The combination of the two is really what makes Illinois such a critical food transfer hub.”

Konar says that the report could encourage Congress to spend limited transportation funding on areas key to the country’s food supply.