Unauthorized patrols at Springdale draw concern

Jun 19, 2013

Springdale Cemetery neighbors are reportedly looking out for the historic burial ground, but their actions may be frightening to some. Springdale Authority chair Bob Manning says some neighbors are doing security type patrols of the grounds and making some legitimate visitors feel uneasy.

 “We have received a number of complaints from visitors in the cemetery that they felt very uncomfortable and intimidated at times by this group, so we issued a letter to the group informing them that they’re not authorized by us and we do not wish to have their services here,” Manning says.

 Manning says underage drinking in the cemetery has been an issue. He says the Authority is considering closing the cemetery gates after normal hours as a result. Currently Springdale leaves its gates open 24-7 and the Peoria Police Department patrols the grounds. In other cemetery news Manning says the management authority is hoping to have a new general manager in place by early fall.