Union members rally in Peoria to oppose state pension plan

Dec 2, 2013

Members of the Illinois Federation of Teachers were rallying in Peoria Monday against the latest state pension proposal. The state-wide union rallied outside the offices of Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth and state Senator Darin LaHood. Lisa Uphoff is with the Illinois Federation of Teachers. She says the current proposal changes the annual cost-of-living increase for retirees:

 “The state wants to change the rules after people have already retired.  Not only is it unjust, we believe it is unconstitutional because of the article in the Illinois constitution that says that a pension is a contract and the rights cannot be diminished,” Uphoff says.  

 Uphoff says the proposal interferes with the ability of retirees to plan their long-term finances. She says the union is instead urging the House to take up Senate Bill 2404. She says that proposal reduces current members benefits, but leaves the cost-of-living increase intact for retirees.