Vallas criticizes Rauner's cost cutting ideas

Jun 13, 2014

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s campaign is continuing to attack his opponent’s money-saving ideas. Republican Bruce Rauner laid out 10 proposals he says will save the state money or enact good government reforms. Those include eliminating the state’s fleet of airplanes and not taking a salary as governor.

But Democrat Paul Vallas, the lieutenant governor pick for Quinn, says Rauner’s proposals are shallow and won’t save the money Rauner’s promising.

"This document in itself is a joke. Maybe this is the first of 10 jokes, but the bottom line is this is not serious. There’s either two things happening here. One is they don’t know what they’re doing, or two is, they don’t want to let you know what they’re doing."

Rauner says Quinn’s only ideas are to keep income taxes at a higher rate. He says he’ll present more ideas soon.