Vicious Dog Task Forces Meets in Peoria

May 20, 2013

At-large Peoria City Councilwoman Beth Akeson is looking for options when it comes to vicious dog behavior.  She started the community conversation with a task force meeting Monday. 

Credit Peoria Public Radio

   OSF Saint Francis Medical Center statistics show the number of reported dog bites have increased over the last two years. Akeson says further conversations with service workers indicate many vicious dog incidents go unreported. Councilwoman Akeson says the conversation starts with responsible pet ownership. “I think what we should do initially,  and what we are doing is taking a look at the ordinance we have today, and what we can do to draw attention to reckless dog owners and move on from there,” Akeson says.

She says banning certain dog breeds is NOT the intended outcome of the information gathering exercise.  She says the meeting served to identify a committee of more than two dozen people, with a core steering group of about eight. She says they’ll continue to meet and look for potential ordinance changes aimed at reducing vicious dog behavior.