Washington launches shop local campaign amid recovery

Dec 19, 2013

Washington is focused on financial as well as physical recovery from last month's tornado.  The city's Chamber of Commerce launched a new campaign called 'Visit, Shop, Eat Washington'.  Mayor Gary Manier says the goal is to get residents from other communities to shop in the town:

“Try to make a commitment of maybe one time a month come over and buy groceries, fill up your tank, or eat in a restaurant. And that’s not asking a whole lot, but it sure will help,” Manier says.

Manier says the effort is especially important before the holiday season and because of the massive property tax loss when the tornado hit.   Washington Chamber officials say some businesses are reporting sales down as much as 30-percent from the same time last year.  They say another goal of the campaign is to let visitors know that the town is open to business. There are more than 150 businesses in Washington.