Water Quality on Tap At Monthly Environmental Chat

Feb 17, 2017

"What’s in Your Water," was the topic of The Greater Peoria Environmental Science Society’s monthly meeting yesterday


Pam Goede was the speaker. She is a Water Quality Supervisor for the Northern Division of Illinois American Water. Goede says so often people are willing to spend a lot on personal comforts but most take their water for granted:    

Credit USEPA Environmental-Protection-Agency / Flickr/Creative Commons

“It’s not just you turning on the water. It’s so much to the system, so much to the network and so much care from morning to night to morning to night and over and over again," Goede said. "It’s a lot to it and it’s important, and it’s not just an important job. It’s important to us, to our customers.”     


Pekin’s water supply comes from underground wells. Peoria also draws from two underground water sources as well as the Illinois River. Goede says Peoria is the only community that has a Water Treatment facility that sets on the Illinois River and pulls from it.


Illinois American Water recently won an award for water quality. Water quality standards set by the IEPA, the Department of Public Health, the US EPA and CDC.