Wealthy school districs receive extra tax money


Illinois' top education official says “it's not fair” that wealthy school districts are receiving extra money from the state.  As IPR’s Chris Slaby reports, it comes at the expense of districts that are less well off. 

More than half of Illinois' school districts are in areas that cap property taxes. That means even areas with expensive homes and businesses are limited in how much tax money they can raise. A report from the Chicago Tribune shows that under a little-known funding mechanism, hundreds of these districts are getting extra money from the state. 

“It's a problem. And it particularly becomes evident as a problem when there's less money every year,” says Christopher Koch.

Christopher Koch is the state superintendent of education. He says only lawmakers can change how it's done, and he also says that it's important that they do because the money should be going to schools with less property wealth. All this comes as Governor Pat Quinn is proposing cuts to state education spending.