Wed. last day to apply for federal flood assistance

Jul 23, 2013

Wednesday is the last day individuals affected by extreme flooding in the spring can apply for federal assistance.

 Towns were evacuated.  Homes destroyed.  Fields turned to swamps. Rivers reached historic crests.Flooding that hit Illinois this spring was bad enough that President Barack Obama issued a disaster declaration for certain counties.

Now is the deadline for Illinois residents impacted by flash and river flooding from April 16 to May 5 to get government help with recovery.

Individual assistance - which businesses can also apply for - is available to residents of 35 counties.  That's to help pay for temporary housing, home repairs and other disaster-related expenses.Five additional counties are eligible for public assistance - that's for the state, local governments and certain non-profit groups, who can use the money to help with debris removal and to help repair damaged public facilities.

The application's at

Applicants can also call 800-621-3362