What Governor's tax returns say about him

Apr 29, 2013

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's latest tax returns give some insights beyond how much he paid in taxes. IPR’S Amanda Vinicky has more.

It may be that Illinois' executive in chief has a tendency to procrastination. His tax returns are signed and dated April 14th, a day before the filing deadline. Last year, he filed the day his taxes were due. And rather than filling out the forms online, he does it by hand.

According to the handwritten returns, Quinn donated $7500 of his $177,412 paycheck. That's about 4-percent to charity. His office didn't provide a list of which charities. But his state tax refund check-offs demonstrate his longstanding affection for veterans' issues.

Illinois gives taxpayers eight funds they can donate to. Quinn gave $10 each to seven of them including breast and cervical cancer research, child abuse prevention and an after school rescue fund. But military family relief got $100.