Which roads, bridges are in state approved repair plan?

May 29, 2014

Illinois state representatives have approved a billion dollar plan to repair roads and bridges across the state. They just aren’t saying which roads and bridges will be fixed.  

House members approved the one-point-one billion dollar construction plan on a bipartisan vote. It’s being paid for with cash from previous debt that’s been paid off.

Democratic State Representative Elaine Nekritz voted against the bill, saying the plan still takes on spending when there’s uncertainty about the future budget.

"If I look down the road, at this juncture, as we’re doing this right now, that is not a pretty picture."

But Republican House Leader Jim Durkin says the construction projects are badly needed, and the plan was negotiated.

"I don’t want pork barrel spending in any of these types of program and that’s what we got today. We don’t have that in this bill."

The full list of projects was not available to lawmakers before they voted. But the head of the state Department of Transportation says some projects include reconstruction of interchanges around Chicago.