Will Velveeta cheese survive football playoffs?

Jan 9, 2014

The soft processed cheese product Velveeta is manufactured at the Kraft Foods plant in Champaign. But can they make enough of it, in light of reports of a possible Velveeta shortage during the football playoffs? 

  Kraft spokesperson Jody Miller cites a number of unnamed factors behind a shortage of Velveeta reported at a few east coast supermarkets. But she says in an email that the big factor driving any short-term scarcity is increased demand during holidays and football season. 

 Media reports of a potential Velveeta shortage went viral after Advertising Age first reported on it on Tuesday. 

 Miller says the company is “flattered and somewhat surprised” by all the attention. She apologizes for any inconvenience though, and says the company’s Velveeta team is working on the problem. Velveeta first went on the market in 1908. It was acquired by Kraft in the 1920s.