Woodford County chair criticizes Tazewell County oversight measure

Feb 27, 2014

The Woodford County Board chairman had some tough words for Tazewell County during Thursday’s commission meeting.

   Stan Glazier criticized a measure the Tazewell County Board voted down that would have created an oversight group for the Tri-County commission. The group would have included the board chairs and administrators of Peoria and Tazewell County, but no personnel from Woodford County.  Glazier says the oversight group would have significant control over the commission’s bylaws and agenda items:

 “It in effect would neuter all of what anybody had to say, really, even commissioners sitting around the table. Whatever that oversight committee wanted to do they had it give them pretty explicit power what they could do. And I just don’t think it’s right,” Glazier says. The Tazewell County Board voted down the measure earlier this week. But the move came amid concerns earlier this month that Woodford County might not pay bail-out money to help keep the commission afloat.  Tazewell County Board chairman Dave Zimmerman says there was NO intention to take over the Planning Commission.  He says the oversight group was planned to have a short lifespan if it wasn’t voted down.