Woodford County explores adding Economic Development efforts

Jul 8, 2013

The Woodford County Board is evaluating its economic development options for next year. The County could use existing staff for the job, or create a new part-time position for about $50,000. Mike Hinrichsen, chairs the Woodford County finance committee. He says the County needs a separate economic development effort:

 “The time between when a question happens and there’s an answer, is the period whether you’re successful or not.  And we don’t have an individual in this county that if someone has a question, that we can go to,” Hinrichsen says.

 The idea of a Woodford County economic development program comes in tandem with the regional effort called Focus Forward C-I.  Hinrichsen says having a program specific to Woodford County is aligned with the larger effort. He says any Woodford County economic development program would also include working with other counties.