Woodruff students launch t-shirt business

Apr 29, 2014

Some students at Woodruff Career and Technical Center are learning what it takes to run their own business thanks to community donations. The school was able to purchase a new t-shirt press along with a printer and ink with 15-hundred dollars in private donations. 10 students within Woodruff’s Contemporary Classroom used the press to make two different t-shirt orders for other District 150 Schools. Woodruff teachers involved students from the art, business and science departments for the project.

Science teacher Lynne Anderson-Loy says the project allows students to gain business experience and how to be productive citizens of the community.

“…And part of that is understanding that you have to work. A lot of these kids come out of low income families that get a lot of assistance. They may not get all of that assistance for their entire life. They need to learn how to make money, how to work hard, and to figure out that things just aren’t always handed to you and it is a good feeling to do a good job and get paid for it,” says Anderson-Loy.

The Woodruff students just completed a t-shirt order for about 325 t-shirts for district middle and high school students attending the Math, Science and Engineering Day at Six Flags in St. Louis. It costs up to seven dollars to make each shirt. The school is welcoming anyone in the community to make t-shirt orders with the students.