YPG to use All-America City award to promote Peoria

Jun 19, 2013

Members of the delegation responsible for helping Peoria become an All-America City say their work is not complete. The Peoria Chamber’s Young Professionals Group brought home the award this week following a weekend competition with 19 other cities in Denver. The group also won two awards, one for producing a video about the city, and another individual recognition. 

City Councilman Ryan Spain was part of the delegation that went to Denver. He says the Young Professionals Group now needs to find different ways to commemorate the recognition of being an All-America City. 

“You’ve seen other communities that have leveraged All-America City recognition into economic development opportunities, marketing opportunities to attract new businesses and new people to their community. And I think all of those are things that we’ll be doing as well here in Peoria."

The Chair of the Young Professional Group says the organization is already working on ways to use the award to promote Peoria. The group plans to meet with the Area Chamber of Commerce and other city officials to brainstorm.