Zoning Commission OKs Peoria Sports facilities

Feb 6, 2014

The Peoria Zoning Commission unanimously approved changes that allow for a sports complex in North Peoria. The Louisville Slugger Sports facility would include a dome and baseball diamonds on 50 acres.  Marla Ashburn is a would-be-neighbor of the sporting facility. She says the complex goes against the City's current Comprehensive Plan: 

 “I’m concerned about a trend of haphazard decision making changing residential to commercial, when there’s a plan that exists.”

 The changes would re-zone the property to allow multi-family and large scale commercial development. Attorney Bob Hall represents the developer. He says the city's plan is open to change:

 “It evolves as time goes on. There’s no requirement that zoning has to match it.  Even the comprehensive plan itself suggests it’s just a suggestion or a guideline.”

 Nearby residents have expressed concern about an increase in traffic, light and noise if the facility is built. The Peoria City Council considers both zoning and planning changes for the project next week.