Special Programming

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New Hampshire Primary Night

Tuesday, February 9th Starting at 7 P.M.

After Tuesday night's results in the Iowa caucuses, the 2016 presidential race moves on, with the first primary contest in New Hampshire.

Join us Tuesday, February 9th, for live coverage from our colleagues at New Hampshire Public Radio.

NHPR's Laura Knoy hosts, with analysis and commentary from the political junkie and former NPR political editor Ken Rudin, and Dante Scala, political science professor at the University of New Hampshire. Our coverage will track town-by-town results as they come in, and bring you live speeches from the leading candidates.

Our coverage of the New Hampshire presidential primary begins Tuesday, February 9th, at 7:00 p.m. on Peoria Public Radio.

Fighting Isis at Home and Abroad

Tuesday, February 16th at 7:00 p.m.

The latest attacks in the Middle East, Paris, and San Bernardino have proved that the fight against ISIS is not limited to a country or even a region -- it's a fight against an ideology. On this edition of America Abroad, an examination of the military, diplomatic, and cyber strategies to defeat ISIS. We will hear from American-Muslim organizers what they think communities can do to prevent extremism at home and fight ISIS recruitment.

State Budget Address

Wednesday, February 17th at 12:00pm

South Carolina Primary

Saturday, February 20th at 7:00pm          

Super Tuesday Primaries

Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00pm