southern Illinois

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports the first positive test for West Nile virus this year was found in mosquitoes collected in southern Illinois.

Elected leaders in 11 southern Illinois cities are rallying against proposed state budget cuts they say would "devastate" local governments.

Thousands of sex crimes reported to police in southern Illinois aren't being prosecuted, even though most victims can identify their attackers.

Mother Jones Monument to get upgrades

Jun 16, 2014
Illinois AFL-CIO

   A labor group hopes that efforts to upgrade a nearly 80-year old monument in downstate Illinois will also bring a history lesson to new generations.  

George Harrison's 1963 visit to Il to be commemorated

Sep 20, 2013

Just before he became one of the most famous people on earth, George Harrison traveled to southern Illinois. This month is the 50th anniversary of that trip to the town of Benton.  Harrison was here to visit his sister, who had moved to the community.  Illinois Public Radio's Sean Crawford has this interview on Harrison's time spent in the state and an effort to commemorate the occasion: