Zone 4

Don't Shoot takes aim at new gangs

Apr 10, 2013

The Peoria Don’t Shoot lead team has a message for members of the Zone 4 and 4-Corner Hustlers gangs. The message is ‘GAME ON!’ The two shootings Sunday and Monday are thought to be tied to the two groups. The city’s top prosecutors, law enforcement officials and Mayor Jim Ardis are standing firm, promising that Don’t Shoot principals are being focused on all members and affiliates of the two gangs. “We said we were gonna come after them, like the group behind me went after the bomb squad.

South side shootings garner police response

Apr 9, 2013

  Three shootings in the last four days are causing concern for police and residents of the south side of Peoria. Three people are dead and Peoria Police Chief Steve Settingsgard says at least two of the shootings have significant gang ties. The chief says they are “very concerned this isn’t over. And we are very concerned we now have a very serious, what I’ll call a brush fire burning and it needs to be put out.”The department is leveling what Settingsgaard calls a swift and severe response.