2018 race for Illinois governor

State Rep. Jeanne Ives / Facebook

Republican candidate for Governor Jeanne Ives says she didn't like what she saw this week when students walked out their classrooms to lobby for gun control.

Ives says her campaign chairman -- the Chicago Republican Party chair -- filed a complaint with Chicago Public Schools. He alleges students were coerced into participating. Ives says students should've done it on private time...

Biss Calls on Kennedy, Pritzker to Release Taxes

Mar 16, 2018
Biss Campaign

In the final days of the Democratic primary election for Illinois governor - Daniel Biss is once again calling on his main rivals to release their full tax returns. 

State Senator Biss scolded JB Pritzker and Chris Kennedy for releasing only a portion of their tax returns.

That comes after the Chicago Tribune this week shed light on Pritzker’s relationship to offshore trusts and companies.

BISS: When they were claiming to release their tax returns in November, they just released a tiny amount of information and I thought, ‘My god, what are they hiding?’

Biss Calls For Financial Transaction Tax in Illinois

Feb 21, 2018

All the Democratic candidates for governor except Robert Marshall support a graduated state income tax in Illinois. But only Tio Hardiman and State Senator Daniel Biss support another way of taxing the wealthy --- the so-called LaSalle Street tax proposal. That’s a proposal to tax financial transactions, such as the buying and selling of stocks.

Speaking on the talk show The 21st, Biss says his support of a financial transactions tax sets him apart from the other front-running candidates.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is endorsing fellow Democrat J-B Pritzker for Illinois governor.

That’s even though Pritzker is taking heat for how he talked about African-Americans in a secretly-recorded phone call with Rod Blagojevich.


The Republican candidates for Illinois governor met before the Chicago Tribune editorial board Monday for their only joint-appearance of the primary campaign.

Governor Bruce Rauner called Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan a crook when the editorial board asked about his inability to build a relationship.

RAUNER: What hurts all of us is to take the focus away from Madigan and his network of corruption.

Rauner’s primary challenger - State Representative Jeanne Ives responded by calling Rauner’s tenure as governor “embarrassing.”

Bruce Rauner / YouTube

Governor Bruce Rauner has made his long awaited announcement that he is seeking re-election.  The first term Republican issued a video today that features him riding his motorcycle through Illinois.  It focuses on the agenda he has pushed since taking office, including property tax relief. In the video, he talks about battles waged with the General Assembly, adding that that he has won some and lost some.

Credit: YouTube

Democrat Chris Kennedy has selected his running mate in his campaign for Illinois governor. His choice: A good government advocate whose son was murdered earlier this year. Tony Arnold reports.

Ra Joy’s son was shot and killed in Chicago in June. "My heart is broken and it will never be fixed."


Joy pointed out Kennedy’s own family history - his father, Robert F. Kennedy, was assassinated. "He was on my list because his family endured the loss of a loved one to violence."


twitter/JB Pritzker

Today, the Cook County Democratic Party officially endorsed J-B Pritzker’s campaign for Illinois governor ahead of next year’s primary.

Pritzker says he doesn’t need the party’s money - the billionaire has already given his own campaign more than $21 million dollars. But the endorsement means organizational help and his name on mailers.

Pritzker addressed Cook County Democratic officials this morning (FRI).

PRITZKER: Like no other candidate in this race, I am focused on building up the party, uniting the Democratic Party.

Billionaire Ken Griffin has contributed $20 million to Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's re-election fund.  Rauner's campaign committee reported the donation from the CEO of the Chicago-based investment firm Citadel on Wednesday.