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Six transgender inmates are suing the Illinois Department of Corrections in federal court, alleging inadequate medical care at state facilities.

A suburban Chicago school district that previously faced a federal complaint over a transgender student's use of a girls' locker room is now facing a lawsuit over the issue.

  CHICAGO - A federal judge has ruled a lawsuit against the Illinois Department of Corrections alleging inadequate health care in prisons may cover all inmates with serious medical needs in every state facility.

     The ruling by U.S. District Judge Jorge Alonso means thousands of inmates could be affected by the class-action lawsuit.

A study of the Chicago Police Department's stop-and-frisk procedures reveals a dramatic decrease in the number of stops.  The drop is since the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois found officers were targeting blacks and other racial minorities in hundreds of thousands of the stops.

Indiana Can’t Ban Syrian Refugees

Oct 3, 2016

The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling today that prevents Indiana from banning refugees from Syria. Days after terrorists struck Paris last November, Indiana Governor Mike Pence placed a ban on Syrian refugees from being resettled in the state. 

Flickr Creative Commons/Mark Taylor

A federal appeals court in Chicago is deciding whether the State of Indiana has the right to ban refugees from Syria.  Days after terrorists struck Paris, France last November, Indiana Governor Mike Pence placed a ban on Syrian refugees from being resettled in the state.

The nonprofit Catholic organization SSM Health says it will provide birth control pills at 26 clinics inside St. Louis-area Walgreens stores that it began operating today.  Four groups, led by the American Civil Liberties Union, wrote letters to SSM and Walgreens on Aug. 18, asking whether the clinics would be restricted by religious doctrine from allowing consultations on birth control.

Four groups led by the American Civil Liberties Union are asking Walgreens for reassurance that the drugstore's partnership with a Catholic system to run in-store clinics in the St. Louis area won't limit access to birth control.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is trying to avoid oversight by a court-appointed monitor.  Attorneys representing DCFS and the American Civil Liberties Union were in federal court today for the first time since a mandated assessment recommended independent oversight.

DCFS prepares for budget cuts

Jul 14, 2015

Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services is telling contractors to be ready to make cuts if political leaders ever agree on a spending plan.

A federal judge told DCFS to provide the same level of services as it had in June, until the governor and legislators approve a budget. But DCFS is pre-emptively telling its contractors to also get ready for 10 percent cuts - though there is no budget guiding that.

Ben Wolf is with the American Civil Liberties Union - and has sued DCFS over its quality of care before.

A federal lawsuit filed against the Chicago Police Department contends officers have routinely violated the constitutional rights of minority residents who have not committed any crime.

ACLU suing the City of Peoria

Jun 12, 2014
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the City of Peoria for police actions surrounding a controversial Twitter parody  account. Peoria Public Radio’s Tanya Koonce reports:

The suit says the City violated 29 year-old Jon Daniel’s First and Fourth Amendment rights. Daniel is the creator of the At-Peoria-Mayor account. He says its wrong that police searched his home in April, detained him and his roommates and seized all electronics to find the author of the Twitter account that had already been suspended.“My hope it he federal court will make clear that government officials can not use the power of police to threaten, intimidate and punish simply because they dislike or are offended by being the joke of a parody.”

Daniel says he’s never met the mayor and is not politically active.