NASA astronaut discusses future of space program

May 19, 2014
Sean Powers / Illinois Public Radio/WILL

NASA Astronaut Mike Hopkins delivered the commencement address on Saturday at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Hopkins himself graduated from the U of I in 1991, and he was aboard with the International Space Station for six months until his return to Earth in March. Speaking with Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Powers, Hopkins shares his experiences in orbit and thoughts about the future of the space program. 


Retired astronaut Jim Lovell was in Chicago today, recreating Apollo 8's famous Christmas Eve broadcast from 1968. As Brian Mackey reports, the original came at the end of a tumultuous year.

With a seemingly intractable war in Vietnam, riots in American cities, and the assassination of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy -- things were not looking up at Christmas 1968. It was against this backdrop that we heard from the three men aboard the first manned flight to the moon.

Astronaut speaks from space to U of I students

Oct 29, 2013
Sean Powers/ Illinois Public Radio

A NASA astronaut who graduated from the University of Illinois spoke to U of I students Tuesday from orbit. IPR’s Sean Powers reports: