budget address

Ted Schurter / AP Photo

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -  Gov. Bruce Rauner put his annual budget speech on a short hold because of problems with the teleprompter.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner wants to increase state funding of public schools.  He visited a high school in Springfield today.  He told students Illinois lags far behind every other state in education spending and that Illinois depends too much on local property tax revenue.

Dusty Rhodes / WUIS/Illinois Public Radio

Governor Bruce Rauner was scheduled to deliver the keynote address at a meeting of public school leaders Tuesday in Springfield. Instead, he sent his new education czar.  

Beth Purvis, a member of Gov. Rauner's transition team, had been in office just about two hours. In fact, her exact title hadn't been determined. But for the past 10 years, Purvis has been the CEO of the Chicago International Charter School. 


Rauner's plans for budget remains a mystery

Feb 17, 2015
Peoria Public Radio

Just how Republican Governor Bruce Rauner plans to deal with Illinois' budget remains a mystery.  

Illinois budget woes mean some Illinois State Police troopers aren't getting all the pay they're owed. 

A series of speeches around the state gave a preview of what Governor Bruce Rauner will say Wednesday for his first "State of the State" address. 

Something notable was missing from Governor Pat Quinn’s State of the State address this week: talk about Illinois’ finances. Presumably that’ll come when he gives his budget address next month. This got IPR'S Lee Strubinger wondering: why not have just one speech?

Like Quinn, Senator John Sullivan of Rushville is a Democrat. Still, he says the State of the State speech was lacking detail, and it left him wondering what will happen to the state's budget.