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An Illinois lawmaker has introduced legislation that would restore $26 million in social services and public health grants recently suspended by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner. 

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Earlier this month, Governor Bruce Rauner froze state funding to programs he says must be cut to balance the current budget. 

Many Illinois parents who have autistic children bring them to one of nineteen centers around the state, but that may change.

Illinois' budget, and Governor Bruce Rauner's influence on it, will be examined by a special legislative committee. The House Speaker announced its formation today.

And now we continue our look at Bruce Rauner’s first 100 days in office as Illinois governor.  We wanted to better understand the politicians’ playbook when it comes to negotiations.  It comes as leaders in the Statehouse are starting to turn their attention on spending more than 30 billion dollars next year.  IPR’s Tony Arnold takes this look at the politics of negotiating a budget.

Peoria Public Radio

Illinois' budget director says legislators should not have been caught off guard by budget cuts Governor Bruce Rauner made earlier this month. 

Governor Bruce Rauner's decision to cancel grants to some social services has upset advocates.  The move is being done to help close a budget gap. 

A budget deal approved by Illinois lawmakers is raising concerns among funeral directors over a cut to a state program that helps pay burial costs for low-income people. 

When lawmakers in Springfield begin crafting a state budget for next year they'll have $2 billion less to work with than they had last year.  That decrease stems from a drop in state's income tax rate, but a new survey says Illinoisans would be up for new revenue, if it meant fewer cuts.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says arguments among lawmakers have slowed down negotiations toward filling a budget gap.  State lawmakers approved a budget that relies on a higher income tax rate.  But Governor Bruce Rauner won the office on a platform of lower taxes.

 Dozens of protesters have been escorted from the Illinois House gallery during protests over proposed state budget cuts to social service programs. 

Southern Illinois University leaders hope the cuts coming in next year's state budget won't be as deep as Gov. Bruce Rauner has proposed but say sports will be among the programs affected.

Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposed state budget would cut $16 million from Illinois' funding for Amtrak trains that serve downstate areas.

State Senate President John Cullerton says Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposed budget hurts working families and Illinois' most vulnerable residents.

Illinois' new Republican governor will pitch a plan for fixing the state's budget mess that includes deep spending cuts, according to three lawmakers with knowledge of the proposal. 

The next governor of Illinois says he’s telling state agencies they might have to get ready for budget cuts. Republican Bruce Rauner is scheduled to be sworn in next month. That’s also when the state’s income tax is scheduled to drop, meaning less money for government agencies.

The Illinois State Police graduated 37 state troopers today, the last class the academy will graduate for a while.  As Hannah Meisel reports, state police officials say they can't train more due to the state's budget.

Illinois' two state fairs did not comply with the law last year, according to a recent state audit and budget realities mean that'll happen again this summer. 

WIU announces budget cuts

May 15, 2013

Western Illinois University workers now have an idea of what the administration plans to do to cut costs. But the plan unveiled Tuesday is the first step in a long process. Illinois Public Radio’s Rich Egger reports. 

PHA to revise 2013 budget

Apr 23, 2013

The Peoria Housing Authority is going back to the drawing table to revise its 2013 budget. That’s a result of sequestration cuts that began last month. PHA staff recently learned agencies across the country will likely be shorted 27 percent of the federal funding they’re budgeted to receive. It equates to a 370-thousand dollar reduction in federal money for the PHA.