Budget Impasse

Southern Illinois University trustees at their next meeting are to consider a plan to gradually shift state funding from the Carbondale campus to the Edwardsville campus.

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Southwestern Illinois College President Georgia Costello is planning to retire next year after a decade of leading the school.

The state of Illinois is among the states leading the nation in the number of college freshmen pursuing higher education in other states.

Two Republican legislators won't seek re-election next year. 

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Illinois may have its first complete state budget in two years, but an organization representing dozens of addiction and mental health centers in the state says it will be a long time before services return to their previous levels.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner lost an unprecedented battle with the "Springfield insiders" he once campaigned to dethrone when lawmakers approved a budget and $5 billion tax hike over his objections, and without the pro-business reforms the Republican promised.


Republican State Rep. Chad Hays, of Catlin, says he will not seek reelection for a fifth term in the Illinois House.

The state budget impasse could affect the accreditation of Illinois universities, which are already facing a funding cut under the recently proposed budget.

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Leaders from Peoria Peoria Public Schools, Canton’s School District and the Regional Office of Education joined the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce in urging Illinois lawmakers to agree on a spending plan Mon. 

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Two Illinois State Senators sat side-by-side during a legislative breakfast, hosted by AARP in Peoria Wed. It was a visible and audible display of contrasts.

Budget Impasse Could Stall Peoria Roads Projects

Jun 16, 2017
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The Peoria County Highway Department says it’s possible ongoing-state-funded road projects will be shut down June 30th.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has called a “special session” of the General Assembly scheduled for next week.

An appellate court has ruled against social service providers suing Illinois over the lack of payment during the budget impasse.

The multi-state lottery association overseeing Powerball and Mega Millions games will dump Illinois by the end of June if the state doesn't end its budget impasse. 

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With Illinois heading toward a third straight year without a budget, Illinois Republicans presented a familiar "compromise" spending and reform plan Wednesday they argued could end the gridlock.

But Democrats, who control House and Senate, were skeptical, saying they've already taken up many of those ideas and Republicans' demands keep changing.

Illinois Republicans have presented what they're calling a "compromise" budget and reform plan to end the state's nearly three-year budget impasse.

An annual data report says Illinois ranks 19th in the nation when it comes to the well-being of children. The 2017 Kids Count Data Book released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation measures areas including family and community, health, education and economic factors. 

Budget Impasse Leaves Illinois Finances in Limbo

Jun 1, 2017

After missing a key deadline last night, there is still no deal to end the 2-year-long state budget impasse.  And now Illinois Senate Democrats say they can’t trust Republican Governor Bruce Rauner to negotiate.  Senate Democrats did pass a budget without GOP votes.  They say Rauner sent conflicting messages.  In Springfield, he’d tell them to keep up the negotiations.  Outside the capitol, Rauner said all Democrats want to do is raise your taxes.  Here’s Democratic Senator Toi Hutchinson.

Illinois Billions of Dollars Deeper in Debt

May 31, 2017

Two years with no budget have left the state of Illinois billions of dollars deeper in debt than when the budget impasse started. The state comptroller’s office says that when the fiscal year ends, the state’s stack of unpaid bills will be $11.6 billion higher. 

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The number of medical school graduates who stay in Illinois after graduating from the state's public universities is plummeting.  Crain's Chicago Business reports school officials offer different reasons why, but some point to Illinois' two-year budget impasse.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is again saying today he needs a property tax freeze to end the budget impasse.  His comments came as Rauner and House Democrats can’t even agree to meet in private.  There are five days left before state lawmakers are supposed to adjourn for the year.  And Rauner is criticizing the Senate Democrats for not yet agreeing to a property tax freeze even though they’ve at least been meeting with Republicans to negotiate.

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate and billionaire businessman JB Pritzker campaigned in Peoria Fri. to distinguish himself from another wealthy Illinoisan -- Gov. Bruce Rauner.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - The Illinois Senate's "grand bargain" budget compromise comes down to three pieces of legislation.  


Higher education has been among the areas feeling the state budget impasse as funding has been cut.  It has forced some schools to reduce classes, lay off employees and, in some cases, close for several days. 

But a review of enrollment indicates small and mid-sized public universities are taking a double hit.   

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As Illinois’ record budget impasse nears the 2-year mark, the morale at non-profits across the state continues to decline. 

Rauner, Cullerton Point Blame for Budget Impasse

May 12, 2017

Illinois’ top political leaders continue to blame each other for the nearly two-year-long budget impasse.  Democratic Senate President John Cullerton held a press conference this week after Republicans wouldn’t take a vote to end the budget stalemate.  Cullerton said Governor Bruce Rauner doesn’t understand what it takes to pass a bill.

Governor Booed At Chicago State University

May 11, 2017

The financially struggling Chicago State University celebrated commencement today at its campus on the South Side.  But the crowd did not celebrate the presence of Governor Bruce Rauner.   

Some Illinois school districts are revamping their summer school programs this year with virtual programs designed to allow students to complete lessons outside of the classroom.  But some education experts worry that online learning programs aren't the best approach for younger students. 

Sixty one social service agencies suing the State of Illinois over the budget impasse got their day in court today.  Providers of addiction treatment and rape counseling sued the state for payment.  A Cook County judge ruled they don’t have to be paid if there is no budget.  So those groups appealed.

More than two dozen health care providers and insurance companies are telling a federal judge in Chicago they may have to stop serving some poor patients. That’s because the State of Illinois is so late in paying Medicaid bills due to the budget impasse. Twenty-five health care organizations are asking a federal judge to make the state government reimburse them faster for seeing Medicaid patients. They say if the judge doesn’t agree, then doctors may stop seeing Medicaid patients altogether.