budget impasses

Big-time Illinois Lottery winners aren't getting the payout they're owed.

Rob Thurman / Flickr/Creative Commons

Top political leaders say Illinois' lack of a budget won't put a dent in plans for the upcoming Illinois State Fair.  

The fair in Springfield is set to kick off with a parade on Thursday. When asked if there's a chance a budget will be in place by then, Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan responded by saying it's possible.

"If everybody’s reasonable, and everybody functions in moderation and not in the extreme. And since we’re in continuous session...," Madigan said.

 As Illinois' 36 billion dollar budget remains in limbo, the State's top political leaders have been focusing on a much smaller number, roughly $250,000 in spending.  That's roughly how much Illinois is set to spend this year paying legislators a raise. 

As Amanda Vinicky reports, Republicans and Democrats both say the focus over pay is a distraction ...while at the same time denouncing each other for enabling excessive salaries.