Boone County Fair

The possibility of budget cuts makes the future of agricultural fairs in Illinois unknown.  Agricultural fairs rarely make a profit, and most are slowly using up their savings, if they had any. 

Peoria expanding gunfire-detection technology

Feb 10, 2015


The Peoria City Council unanimously approved expanding special law enforcement technology this spring.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports:

Next week, Governor Bruce Rauner will introduce a new spending plan for Illinois. But that’s supposed to focus on the next fiscal year. He’s also got to worry about the current budget.

Madigan supports Rauner's spending limits

Feb 4, 2015

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is likely to have disagreements with the new Governor Bruce Rauner. Madigan is a Democrat and Rauner a Republican. But the Speaker says he and Rauner are on the same page when it comes to limits on spending.

The City of Peoria is hoping to use new technology to get resident input in crafting next year’s budget. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports:

Chancellor Phyllis Wise says the budget at the University of Illinois' Urbana-Champaign campus is her top priority for the coming year.

The Peoria City Council is facing a gloomy budget outlook in the next five years.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports on the latest numbers:

Schock to serve on House Budget Committee

Dec 11, 2014

18th District Congressman Aaron Schock was appointed to the House Budget Committee. The Republican also serves on the Ways and Means Committee. He fills the Budget Committee seat left by Congressman Paul Ryan, who will chair the Ways and Means Committee.

Keenan Chan / WILL/Illinois Public Radio

Before State Senator Mike Frerichs is sworn in as Illinois' treasurer next month, he's got a few more votes to cast as a legislator.

Rand elected Peoria County Board chairman

Dec 1, 2014

The Peoria County Board elected a new chairman Monday night.  

Peoria County approves 2015 budget

Nov 20, 2014

The Peoria County Board signed-off on the 2015 budget last night. The spending plan includes service fee hikes and an early retirement program to fill a $3.5 million spending gap. County Administrator Lori Curtis Luther says the budget aims for long term fixes:

City Council to talk big-spending issues next year

Nov 18, 2014

The City of Peoria is considering a budget that largely maintains the status-quo for 2015.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports major issues will be left for future budgets:

More than 20 Peoria County employees are signed up for a voluntary retirement program.  

Pensions in focus for Peoria City budget process

Nov 17, 2014

The City of Peoria needs to pay more money into its pension fund for firefighters next year.  That's the message from the city fire pension board:

The Peoria County Board will consider road funding next year that includes no property tax increases and a delayed road project.  The Board also will take up a measure to spend up to $1 million from its economic development account to fund highway department operations.  County Board member Andrew Rand says the County needs to have a road study and get public input before raising taxes:

The City of Peoria needs to spend about 15-times more money than what’s budgeted just to maintain it’s current road conditions.  That was the message from a new road study presented to the City Council last night.  The study says Peoria needs to spend $9.4 million to maintain road conditions each year.  City manager Patrick Urich says the city only has $600,000 budgeted this year:

No changes for Peoria video gaming regulations

Oct 29, 2014

   The Peoria City Council continues looking for ways to regulate video-gaming parlors. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports, the council adjourned without picking a final option:

Federal programs draw lingering partisan tensions

Oct 13, 2014

About a year ago, a fight over the federal budget led to a government shutdown. Partisan tensions remain over what to do about popular, but expensive, programs.

Park District considers closing Donovan golf course

Sep 24, 2014

The Peoria Park District Board talked about closing Donovan Golf Course as part of an effort to fill a projected $1.3 million spending gap. Staff originally proposed closing Newman Golf Course to save 400-thousand-dollars. But Park District Board President Tim Cassidy says turning Donovan into a park could make more sense:

Peoria County talks possible adjustments for 2015

Sep 23, 2014

Peoria County could see staff reductions, delayed road projects and increased fees in 2015. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports those are some of the items discussed to fill a $3.5 million spending gap:

Peoria Park District outlines budget woes

Aug 27, 2014

The Peoria Park District says dwindling golf numbers and high operational cost from the Central Park Pool are helping drive a nearly $1 million deficit for next year's budget. The District is considering closing the pool and one or more of its six golf courses to get in the black. Peoria Park District Board President Tim Cassidy says reserve funds have dwindled by 80-percent since 2010:

The Peoria Riverfront Museum saw a surge in donations and sponsorships last fiscal year compared to what it budgeted. But the facility also had to draw $680,000 more from its reserves to cover operations than it planned. Museum President Sam Gappmayer says the deficit only lasted the first six months of the year. He says the museum made adjustments to land itself in the black for the remainder of the fiscal year:

District 150 School Board talks budget challenges

Aug 25, 2014

  Peoria Public Schools is facing a projected budget deficit of more than $12 million this fiscal year. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports that’s double the spending gap for last year:

Bradley University is projecting a fall freshman class of 940 students.  That’s 140 fewer students compared to last year’s freshman class. Bradley University president Joanne Glasser shared the numbers at the State of the University address. Bradley is looking to make about seven-point-eight-million dollars in cuts to hit a balanced budget for the academic year. 

Budget, pensions straining Illinois finances

Jul 23, 2014

Wall Street's view of Illinois' financial health has taken a hit, thanks largely to the state budget that took effect at the start of this month.  As IPR’s Amanda Vinicky reports, pensions also continue to be a drag.

When Illinois Democrats passed the state's latest budget, many seemed to hold their nose. Credit ratings agencies are more direct. Standard & Poor’s has revised Illinois' credit outlook to "negative."

Illinois will have a budget in place when the state's new fiscal year begins Tuesday. The governor signed it into law Monday.  

Brian Mackey / Illinois Public Radio/WUIS

It's the last day of the fiscal year for the State of Illinois which means the pressure is on for Gov. Pat Quinn to sign a new budget into law. IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports. 

There's nothing on the governor's public schedule for Monday. But that doesn't mean he won't be busy making official the spending plan passed by his fellow Democrats in the General Assembly.

Governor Pat Quinn has approved a supplemental spending bill for the budget year ending June 30th. The 1.8 billion dollar package, signed Monday, pays down some of the state’s overdue bills.

With the Illinois General Assembly’s spring session over, lawmakers aren’t scheduled to return to the Capitol until November. Two months of fierce debate over state spending and taxes culminated in a stalemate, so they passed a placeholder budget that will likely have to be revisited at the end of the year.

As the Illinois General Assembly considers a so-called "middle of the road" budget for next year, some programs could be cut or reduced to make up for the expiration of the 2011 income-tax hike. As IPR'S Hannah Meisel reports, advocates for people with disabilities say a reduction could be catastrophic for that population.

One of the biggest parts of Illinois' budget is Medicaid, which not only provides health care to the poor, but also to those with disabilities. Those who *can* live independently usually elect to with the help of in-home health service.