The City of Peoria's first proposed budget includes tax hikes, some layoffs and fee increases.  The goal is to fill a $6 million spending gap:

College students and administrators gathered at the capitol today to remind lawmakers that the budget impasse is hurting their campuses.  Timothy Killeen, president of the University of Illinois, joined top executives from eight other colleges making the rounds of legislative leaders' offices at the statehouse, while students wearing school colors crowded the corridors. 

The head of the Illinois Republican Party says he's standing behind Gov. Bruce Rauner's approach, seeking pro-business reforms ahead of agreeing to a state spending plan.  

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal to increase property taxes by $600 million dollars could cost aldermen precious political capital. Illinois Public Radio’s Lauren Chooljian reports.

Emanuel says a vote for his budget will put aldermen in the history books for pulling Chicago from the financial brink

ARENA: It’s great rhetoric for him

That’s Alderman John Arena.

The Illinois Comptroller's office says that payments required by the state are putting it on pace to rack up a $5 billion deficit. 

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed legislation to release $5.4 billion in federal funds during a stalemate over the state budget.

Illinois Comptroller tours Peoria’s EP!C center

Aug 4, 2015
Alex Rusciano / Peoria Public Radio

The state's budget woes carry extra impact for groups serving people with developmental disabilities.  That's according to state Comptroller Leslie Munger. She says the budget stalemate is forcing groups to dip into reserves because her office can't cut new checks:

  The governor and Democratic legislators yesterday came to a budget agreement, but only a minor one. A broader stalemate continues.

Governor, AFSCME agree to extension

Jul 29, 2015

Governor Bruce Rauner and Illinois’ biggest state-employee union have agreed to a two-month contract extension. 

State budget impasse likely lasting to August

Jul 27, 2015

Illinois will likely enter the month of August without a full year budget plan in place.  The longer the impasse continues, the more the impact will be felt.  

The state budget stalemate is also affecting finances at the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission. 80-percent of the group’s funding comes from federal dollars used for transportation funds.  But Tri-County Acting Director Eric Miller says the commission can’t access that money without a state budget in place.  He says that some funding remains for Geographic Information Systems work:

State legislators are back in Springfield Wednesday.  It comes at a crucial time.  Illinois has entered into its third week without a budget.

State DCFS caught in budget battle

Jul 13, 2015

Illinois’ child welfare workers are getting caught up in the ongoing budget stalemate in Springfield.  

The legal dispute continues this week over what Illinois state workers should be paid.  It’s the latest issue to be caught in the wide-ranging web of consequences resulting from having no state budget.  


State representatives have returned to Springfield to re-consider a temporary budget.  A vote is scheduled for Thursday.


The fiscal new year began Wednesday, and Illinois has no new spending plan in place. It could be awhile before one materializes. As Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky reports ... Illinois isn't alone.


Across the border in Wisconsin, lawmakers can't reach a spending deal. Over on the east coast, North Carolina is in budgetary flux. Pennsylvania's negotiations are dragging on. National Conference of State Legislatures' fiscal analyst Arturo Perez says more states than usual have unfinished budgets.


No budget deal in Springfield

Jul 1, 2015

 Illinois state government continues to move into shutdown mode.  That’s after representatives failed to pass a one-month spending plan.  

Gov. Bruce Rauner says a partial state government shutdown is worth the pain if it brings fundamental change to business and politics in Illinois. The Republican told reporters Tuesday morning that "change is hard, but we need to have change."  Rauner addressed workers at the Illinois Emergency Management Agency one day before the state begins a new fiscal year without a budget agreement.      Rauner insists on changes he says will make it cheaper to do business and to free politics from corruption before agreeing with the Democratic-controlled legislature.


As Illinois government nears the final hours of the fiscal year without a new state budget, Democrats are preparing a band-aid version.  An initial vote is anticipated Wednesday.

It's the deadline day in Illinois.  If a meeting Monday between Governor Bruce Rauner and legislative leaders is any indication, they're not going to make it.

Illinois begins its new fiscal year later this week.  That carries some uncertainty for the City of Peoria, even though most operations will carry on as usual. 

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Illinois is without a spending plan, with less than a week until the new fiscal year begins. Democrats in the General Assembly approved one, but today Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed nearly the whole thing.

The District 150 School Board is re-examining its financial policies amid current and looming spending deficits.  The discussion stemmed from one significant purchase:

Residents voice concern amid looming state cuts

Jun 4, 2015

Area residents say Governor Bruce Rauner needs to leave child care and medical programs off the financial chopping block.  

Illinois Democrats advanced more of their budget Wednesday, despite the deficit it would create. At the same time they squashed some of the Republican governor's requests.

Peoria County considers hiring outside consultant

May 27, 2015

Peoria County is looking to use an outside consultant to find ways to cut costs and boost revenue.  The full Board will consider spending $192,000 to hire Matrix Consulting.  Some elected officials say they're concerned the consultant will be used to justify future staff reductions.  County Administrator Scott Sorrel says any potential staff changes would be part of a larger review of departments and services:

East Peoria considers array of budget options

May 19, 2015

The City of East Peoria is looking at possible options to help balance its books in the long-term.  The move comes amid looming state budget cuts:

Illinois road, bridge maintenance funding looks bleak

May 14, 2015
Peoria Public Radio

Illinois' investment in maintaining roads and bridges drops dramatically in the coming year under a plan Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration released Thursday. 

New ways to tackle Illinois' underfunded pension systems could be emerging.  The governor appears to be backing away from his plan. 

It's a busy time of year for the legislators, session is scheduled to end in a few weeks, on May 31st. But they're done meeting for this week.