State News
6:11 am
Fri February 20, 2015

Rauner and legislative leaders work to close this year's budget shortfalls

Illinois' new governor and legislative leaders are figuring out how to deal with shortfalls in this year's budget. 

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State News
3:05 pm
Fri February 13, 2015

County fairs challenged by lack of state funds

Credit Boone County Fair

The possibility of budget cuts makes the future of agricultural fairs in Illinois unknown.  Agricultural fairs rarely make a profit, and most are slowly using up their savings, if they had any. 

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10:14 pm
Tue February 10, 2015

Peoria expanding gunfire-detection technology


The Peoria City Council unanimously approved expanding special law enforcement technology this spring.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports:

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State News
3:27 pm
Mon February 9, 2015

Rauner to address current and future Illinois budget

Next week, Governor Bruce Rauner will introduce a new spending plan for Illinois. But that’s supposed to focus on the next fiscal year. He’s also got to worry about the current budget.

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State News
5:34 pm
Wed February 4, 2015

Madigan supports Rauner's spending limits

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is likely to have disagreements with the new Governor Bruce Rauner. Madigan is a Democrat and Rauner a Republican. But the Speaker says he and Rauner are on the same page when it comes to limits on spending.

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11:46 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Peoria hires new code inspectors, considering new budget-input technology

The City of Peoria is hoping to use new technology to get resident input in crafting next year’s budget. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports:

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State News
1:31 pm
Mon January 26, 2015

U of I chancellor says budget is top priority

Chancellor Phyllis Wise says the budget at the University of Illinois' Urbana-Champaign campus is her top priority for the coming year.

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10:45 pm
Tue January 13, 2015

Peoria Council faces tough budget projections through 2019

The Peoria City Council is facing a gloomy budget outlook in the next five years.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports on the latest numbers:

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8:52 pm
Thu December 11, 2014

Schock to serve on House Budget Committee

18th District Congressman Aaron Schock was appointed to the House Budget Committee. The Republican also serves on the Ways and Means Committee. He fills the Budget Committee seat left by Congressman Paul Ryan, who will chair the Ways and Means Committee.

State News
5:54 am
Tue December 2, 2014

Mike Frerichs Prepares For State Treasurer’s Office

State Senator Mike Frerichs (D) waiting for results in his race for state treasurer.
Credit Keenan Chan / WILL/Illinois Public Radio

Before State Senator Mike Frerichs is sworn in as Illinois' treasurer next month, he's got a few more votes to cast as a legislator.

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