Chicago Bears

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The issue of how long injured pro athletes should be allowed to earn worker compensation benefits is being debated in Springfield.  The Chicago Bears are leading other Chicago sports franchises in backing a measure that would reduce a former player's ability to tap into workers compensation after a career-ending injury. 

Bare Arms for Bears Player Despite Cold Weather

Dec 16, 2016

The National Weather Service says it is going to be “bitterly cold” this Sunday when the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field.  They’re forecasting temperatures as low as three below zero, with windchills dipping down to 30 below.  But Bears linebacker Pernell McPhee says he’s still not going to wear sleeves during the game.

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Doug Buffone has been found dead in his home.

Chicago Bears Volunteer in Wasington IL

Jun 6, 2014

  About twenty members of the Chicago Bears rookie class and the Chairman of the team are working in Washington today. The team members and nearly a hundred other staff and Bears business partners were part of a special flag raising in the City Square. Washington Mayor Gary Manier says the flag they raised flew in Soldiers Field November 17th: