Officials say their plan to save Chicago's pension system from insolvency helps participants by ensuring there's money in the future to pay them, even if annual benefits are cut. 

The head of the Obama Foundation told Chicago business and civic leaders the city needs to get its house in order so it can effectively attract visitors from around the world.

A federal judge has told a nonprofit group trying to stop "Star Wars"' filmmaker George Lucas from building a $400-million museum in Chicago to respond to the city's request to dismiss its lawsuit.


A federal report says air quality testing found soot concentrations were higher on the platforms at Chicago's Union Station than on the streets outside the commuter station.

Chicago police say three teenagers have been shot outside a school on the city's south side, and one is in serious to critical condition.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is crediting Chicago's workforce and its transportation networks for the decision by Kraft Heinz to move Oscar Meyer's headquarters to the city.

A refinery says an equipment malfunction is responsible for a foul odor that wafted over Chicago's south suburbs.

Chicago police say they won't charge a customer with a concealed carry license who shot and killed an armed man during an attempted robbery of a store on the city's southwest side. 

War of words and fish between Governor Rauner and Chicago Mayor

Oct 31, 2015

The war of words wages on between Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Neither the mayor or the governor will disclose their private conversations.  But publicly, Emanuel’s been building a case that Chicago is functioning not just well, but ahead of schedule, a dig at deadlocked Springfield.

Dozens of Chicago school children have been transported to hospitals after becoming sick from carbon monoxide fumes.

Chicago's City Council has approved a budget that includes a massive property tax hike and other fees to help close a shortfall and address the city's underfunded pension system.  Chicago has the worst-funded pension system of any major American city.

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson says President Barack Obama gave a sound address on policing before the International Association of Chiefs of Police. However, Jackson says there is also a need for urban reinvestment and job creation.

The nation's police chiefs are calling for universal background checks for anyone trying to purchase a firearm.  At a gathering in Chicago of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the top cops agreed the checks will help keep guns from people who shouldn't carry them.

The FBI director James Comey says police anxiety in "the era of viral videos" appears to be part of the reason for rising violent crime in several big U.S. cities.

Chicago's City Council will vote next week on plans for a lakefront museum that will be financed by filmmaker George Lucas.  The "Star Wars" director is planning a 300-thousand-square-foot facility along Lake Michigan. 

A key piece of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to pay for pensions by raising property taxes in the city is advancing in the Illinois Statehouse.   But there are some homes, those worth less than $250,000, he wants to exempt.

The grandfather of a 3-year-old Chicago boy who was accidently shot to death by his 6-year-old brother says the older boy appeared to be in shock after the shooting.

Financial trouble in Illinois' biggest city has many worried about Chicago's potential ripple effects on the state with money problems of its own. But Governor Bruce Rauner sees an opportunity in Chicago's fiscal mess.

Workers have completed installation of 4G data coverage inside an initial section of Chicago's subway system.

Operation CeaseFire deploys former gang members and felons to intervene in feuds that too often end in fatal gunfire.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has overtaken Hillary Clinton in the polls in states with early primaries, like New Hampshire. Today he took his campaign to Illinois. 


On Thursday, the City Council voted to lift a decades-old ban on food carts with an ordinance that allows vendors to get a license and sell legally the 50,000 meals a day they're now selling in violation of the ban. To operate legally, vendors must pay $350 for a license and pay sales taxes on what they sell.

Funeral services will be next week for late state Rep. Esther Golar. Chicago funeral home A.A Rayner & Sons says visitation is Monday. The wake and funeral are Tuesday at Trinity United Church of Christ where Golar was a member. She died this week at age 71.

Viewminder / Flickr

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal to increase property taxes by $600 million dollars could cost aldermen precious political capital. Illinois Public Radio’s Lauren Chooljian reports.

Emanuel says a vote for his budget will put aldermen in the history books for pulling Chicago from the financial brink

ARENA: It’s great rhetoric for him

That’s Alderman John Arena.

After watching for years as their city's financial troubles piled up, Chicago homeowners will be told that it's time for them to start paying the tab. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office says he'll propose a phased-in $543 million property tax Tuesday to help eliminate police and fire pension debt.

Singing State Legislator dies

Sep 21, 2015

A Chicago lawmaker known for her musical spin on Springfield issues died this morning.  Esther Golar was a state representative from the city’s south side.

Attorneys for the City of Chicago say city employees will be worse off if Supreme Court justices strike down their pension plan.  A Cook County judge sided with unions in ruling against changes Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make to city employees’ retirement benefits.

President Barack Obama's foundation says 140 architecture firms have applied to design his presidential library and museum.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan says a Chicago company that handles petroleum coke will pay a $35,000 fine to settle a lawsuit over alleged pollution violations.

A judge has refused to reduce the $100,000 bond of a retired Chicago police officer accused of warning investigators of an Illinois officer's fatal shooting that he would hurt them unless they declared the death a suicide.